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Public Communication on Nuclear Energy

  Mechanisms for public communication on nuclear safety have been established to facilitate interaction between the central government, which provides overall direction, local gove...

Nuclear Safety Culture Policy Statement

  The Nuclear Safety Culture Policy Statement jointly issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration NNSA, the National Energy Administration NEA and the China Atomic Energy ...

Post-Fukushima Actions

  In the wake of the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the Chinese government mandated a comprehensive safety inspection of the countrys nuclear power plants in operation and un...

Dynamic Management of Radioactive Sources

  China implements a dynamic approach to managing radioactive sources from cradle to grave. Government regulation covers all actors working with radioactive sources. A national dat...

Round-the-clock Radiation Environment Monitoring

  A three-tiered radiation environment monitoring system is in place at national, provincial and municipal levels together with networks for national radiation environment monitori...

Safety Reviews and License Management

  China has strengthened its safety management system for nuclear facilities, materials and activities, as well as   other radioactive materials and radiation devices through an en...